2021 GOALS – 100 Miles Per Month?

I know that 2020 has been ridiculous, and who even wants to think of goals for the 2021 year?! If you were like me you dealt with gym closings and trying to determine how to workout from your garage. From not being able to finding the right size dumbells, to making your own pull up bars and ruck sacks, running may have been one of your outlets. It’s one of mine and this year to make it even more challenging I set a lofty goal of 100 miles per month – exercise walk/run per month.

When I started it was just going to be 1000 miles for the year but I was so close to hitting 100 miles by the end of January that I changed my plan. I hope I didn’t set the bar so high.

There was no turning back now for me. Hitting 100 miles per month will require a good walk/run just about every day and at least one quite hefty long run at some point every week.

Wish me luck!