Who Wants to Ruck?

Hi there! Have you heard of the word “Rucking”? If you have good for you, do you like it? If you haven’t lets chat about it now. This in one of my newer favorite cardio exercises. Rucking is walking with a weighted backpack. This makes it a cheap and simple exercise that will burn calories and build endurance, more than walking without weight, possibly twice as much! Does that peak your interest?

Rucking works because the additional weight in your backpack challenges some of your largest muscles of your body, your legs and back. The added weight will get your heart rate up, and bump up your calorie burn, woo!

How do you get started? What are the basics?

  1. Have a backpack, one that fits tight against your back. Ones with chest straps is even better.
  2. Load it with weight, maybe 10% of your weight as a beginner, and you can increase weight for a more intense exercise.
    1. Things to use:
      1. Bricks
      1. Dumbbells
      2. Weight Plates
      3. Bags of Sand
      4. Water bottles
  1. Walk – start light with maybe a few miles and work up.
    1. Change up the terrain, I like to walk on the beach to make it more difficult.
  1. You just Ruck’d!

Once you get the basics under your belt you may want to increase the exercise by adding weight, walking faster, and walking farther.

Start with 30 minutes to get a good feel of it then work up as needed.

Things not to do:

Don’t do more than you can handle. Work it up slowly.

Don’t go much over 50 lbs. as it can stress the body.

Don’t run. Running can jar your back and cause more harm than good.

go on, get out of here! GO Ruck!!